Thursday, March 16, 2006

Zakak & Zimov

Zakak and Zimov are two aliens from the planet Zeist. (Film geeks will know that Zeist is the planet in Highlander II where the immortals come from. We both loved Highlander I but Highlander II did its best to destroy all the magic established in the first film. Zeist is such a ridiculous sci-fi cliché of a name that we had to use it. It seems that if you name something starting with Z and spray it silver it must be from space!!)

So it was with much mirth and irony that our alien visitors sprang to life. Originally called D-Y-N-1 and M-N-DAR they quickly had a name change. The new name is also a play on words, a nod to one of my favourite sci-fi authors Isaac Asimov.

Zakak and Zimov are an intergalactic double act, like Jeeves and Wooster, or Laurel and Hardy. There is defiantly a clever one and a stupid one, but who knows who is who!!

Anyway, they have crash landed on the farm and are desperate to get their ship working and head home. Neither of them has any technical know-how so they look set to stay for a while. The irony is that mud is like gold dust back on Zeist so if they can take enough back they can live like kings! If only!!

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