Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The story so far - part 2

So 'The Funny Farm' had come to an abrupt end. At the same time I moved to London so we found it harder to collaborate between us, (the days before email!). The strip rested for a while, and so did we!

I got a job in animation in London while Gordon found himself in the cut-throat greetings card business, with a sideways jaunt into world of wallpaper.

Then in about 1995 or 96 we thought about the idea of bringing the Funny Farm back as an animated series. I developed a bunch of images while we hammered out a pilot script together. Eventually we had a dozen or so character images, story outlines, a whole series bible in fact!

We were ready to show it to the world, so off we went to the animation festival in Annecy, France!


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