Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Mr F!

Yes, its Gordon's birthday. He is one of those unfortunate chaps whose birthdays are somewhat obscured by the Festive period so I think its only fair that I sing and dance about it here on the blog, no doubt a few bloated merry-makers are still wandering past here during the break! So raise a glass with me to our good chum Mr Fraser! Happy Birthday matey, have a good year! (I'll dig out a poster I did a few years ago for Gordon's birthday and post it here next week!)

Not done a lot of work over the last week, just enjoyed sitting on my large arse and spending time at home with the family. Here are the most recent daily comic strips, if you've been subscribing you will have noticed their abscence from your inbox. I've just given it a short festive rest - normal service will resume next week. If you haven't already subscribed then shame on you!


Friday, December 22, 2006

Farmageddon hits the news!

The news of our development work has hit the newspapers! We've had coverage this week in the Necastle Journal, The Northern Echo and the Evening Gazette, (all newspapers in the North-East of England for those reading this living in the wilds!)I was also interviewed on Radio Cleveland on Monday, I didn't hear it as I was on my way down to London but apaprently it went out as a 'news' item!! Core blimey!
We have our first proper development meeting in the New Year too! Plans are in place for some T-shirts and the book is also plodding along. So keep dropping by in the New Year for lots more stuff!

In the meantime we both wish you a great Christmas and a festive New Year. Thanks for supporting us during 2006!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So... the good news!

The good news is that we have secured funding to help us develop Farmageddon as an animated trailer. So from the New Year we will be posting losts of ongoing development work right here. The main website will also be getting a makeover.

Anyway here are the most recent comic strips for your delight. If you like them please subscribe to the daily email which has todays strip delivered for free!! You know you want it! So go on, subscribe to our daily email and have a giggle.*

*We cannot guarentee that you will actually giggle, a range of emotions from apathy to contempt and sometimes hatred are the more usual reactions. But we live in hope. Subscribe!