Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The story so far - part 3

I was working for Uli Meyer Animation at this time and we were all heading out to Annecy to help promote the studio and some of its potential feature projects. Uli offered us some space on his (very large) stand to help promote The Funny Farm.
Obviously we took him up on his offer and off we went to France!

We had a great response and lots of interested parties. Eventually we signed a deal with Nelvana, a Canadian based animation studio with a prolific output. It seemed almost too easy - the contract was negotiated and things looked great. We cracked open the champagne and lit the cigars!

In hindsight it probably was a bit too easy! The deal with Nelvana would give them a 3 year option in return for them producing a tv series, sadly this didn't happen and the 3 year deal eventually expired. Where to next?

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