Monday, March 20, 2006

Heroes and Villains

I dug out these two pieces which I think start to give a good idea about some of the main characters in the Farm. This first one is of Rufus, Dalton and Cool Bob. Rufus panics easily and is shown as a basic grunt (fitting his position in the Farm) Dalton, like Rufus, also has a tendency to panic but is dressed as a general (he thinks he's the brainy one) and lastly, Cool Bob, doggedly following orders, doing as he's told (because NOTHING matters really) and generally just Even facing a fate worse than death he's not really that bothered!

This next image is of Auntie, one of the major villains of the Farm. Not much is known about her except that whenever she turns up a sense of doom and despair comes across everyone! Think of your worst nightmare visits from mad relations at Christmas mixed in with a dash of Hannibal Lector and you've got the idea about her. She never drove a tank in the original comic strip, I just thought it'd be funny having some evil, old dear sat in tank (Margaret Thatcher anybody?)

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