Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas Y'all!!

Hello dear readers, it's at this time of year that you look back on the past 12 months with rose tinted glasses, all the ups and downs, the highs, the lows, the laughs, the tears, goddammit even those pesky dreams about giant Edam cheeses chasing you down a dark street, dressed in only a bowler hat somehow brings a lump to the ol'throat....ahhh....memories........well, they mean sod all coz it truly has been the most hectic year I can remember.

A trip to Annecy for the Farm with Niel, coping with Mr Bling for almost an entire week.(trying me hardest not to sing out the Bob the Builder theme tune whilst happy slapping him for inadvertingly making me buy hundreds of pounds worth of Bob toys for my oldest daugter) My freelance work has literally been non-stop this year. Sorting out secondry school, one million nursery events to attend, PC's exploding with 2 years worth of artwork locked in them, car dying on me....the list could go on. So in all honesty, I feel like I've let down our characters a tad on The Farm, the guys at Qurios Towers have done sterling work though to make up for my all I can add is wishing you all a very Merry Chrimbo and a fruitful New Year, keep checking us out for more updates soon and more new stuff to show you all!!

....and as a final gesture of desperation, heres an ancient illo from the Farm I did eons ago....I was aiming on doing a new Xmas one...but....well, you all know now!