Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Main Four

Our blog, along with many others, was down on Friday due to technical problems so we wern't able to post anything. Ho hum!

The image (that I can't upload) shows four of the main characters, Rufus, Flossie, Moonstar and Madeline. They are the kids, with an age range from about 8 to late teens, (we are still debating Rufus' age!) Rufus is our main character, he is the everyman flung into this new world. Flossie is the spoilt daughter of Tom and Bernie. Moonstar is the rich kid who is torn between his new-age beliefs and making heaps of money. Madeline didn't exist in the strips but she has evolved out of the changing world of the farm. She is the daughter of Donald Odd and Madam Madd. More on all these characters later.

I'm off the London for a couple of days - mainly unrelated with Farm development but hopefully I will have time to talk to some people about it. If I have anything juicy to tell you I'll post it here on Wednesday.

Gordon is going to look after the blog for the next couple of days - have fun!


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