Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rockets & Rabbits

The two rabbits, Dalton & Cool Bob have an obsession with flying. This evolved from a series of misadventures in the orginal strip:

We kept going back to different gags about the rabbits wanting to fly, it was one of those ideas that we could get a lot of milage out of. Gordon did a couple of great painting that helped set the scene for TV development. This first one was Daltons dream of bulding and flying his own space-craft. Cool Bob would always fly the contraptions they built but Dalton would have loved to try, if he hadn't been so afraid!

This second painting by Gordon was an extension of the comic strip above:

This led quite naturally to the image below produced as part of the TV development, its probably somwhere between Gordons two images above (the rocket and the spaceship). I can't remember why I chose blue over Gordon's red designs, I presume because its more of a metallic colour and it contracts nicely with the red tank.

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