Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Progress report

We are currently knee deep in early development of a 5 minute script. The trick is getting the essence of the show into just 5 minutes without it being contrived, rushed or boring. Gordon has done a first draft of the script which needs thinning out somewhat. We'll be working on this today and hopefully have something we are happy with this week.

I spent yesterday morning on the phone to agents of a couple of well know voice actors. They were all interested but it will all come down to money at the end of the day! When we are further down the line I can let you know who this is.
Nick Patrick, one of the modellers here at Qurios, has started work on Andrews tank posted a couple of days ago. When he has made some progress I'll post some new images.
The last two nights I have been burning the midnight oil working on schedules and budgets for this, its like try to get a bunch of hormonal hamsters to perform synchronised swimming at Olympic level!

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