Thursday, March 09, 2006

The story so far - part 4

Where to next indeed!

The end of the Nelvana contract happened to coincide with my leaving London and returning to my native North East. Having worked for 5 years in 2D animation I was keen to explore new things and 3D seemed to be where it was at. So I got a job in a games company who were willing to train me in the ways of 3D!

Not a great deal happened for a while. We had a agent in London who was quite keen on doing something with the project, but that sort of faded away into nothing. We also had a brief skirmish with a company in Newcastle called Red Balloo who had already produced two BBC animated series. I had met them while working at Uli's and had worked on their projects. They were keen to sign up the Farm for potential development. The deal they offered wasn't agreeable and we parted company.

The games company I was working for, Acclaim Studios Teesside, were keen to develop it as a game, a demo level was even created and some character models too. For a variety of reasons, mainly due to a change of senior mangement and the eventual collapse of the studio, the project didn't get any further.

Here are some images from the farm level built by Trev Storey.

So we've had a few false starts along the way, but everyone we've shown the Farm to has had an interest in doing something with it, which is nice!

This brings us up to about 2000 - what happened next?


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