Monday, June 05, 2006

Manga Mayhem!

Here's what I believe is my last painting featuring characters from the Farm. It's Dalton from the future in his Mecha Orc suit! Like most of my Farm paintings, I can't really remember the reason behind doing this one, I think that I must have been very bored one day and just decided to do it. Of course, I do have a love for Japanese Manga and a very soft spot for Akira and most of all Shirow's Appleseed. I keep asking Santa for a Lanmate suit but the big, fat git still hasn't delivered....must have been a naughty boy!

This was painted in gouache and worked over with coloured pencils, when I dug it out I gave it a quick goin over with Photoshop as it is pretty messy really and not one of my better pieces!

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