Friday, June 30, 2006

ITB: Episode IV: The Phantom Thomas

Here's the last set of Niel's character concept designs. Another selection of various Tom's (a herd of Tom's perhaps?) Again, you can see the basic's of the final Tom starting to show, espcially on the bottom few designs. I'm not to sure about the full length sketch, he kinda looks a bit creepy in a 'D'ya wanna see my puppies' type of way!
Yet some more portraits, I never knew Niel had done so many! These are some of my favourites of his, the geezer look's mad as!

This one's interesting. We have what I believe to be Niel's first ideas for Bernard and the fabled 'Nurse'. Bernie seem's a bit too fat and her hair's mental but you can get the basic idea about where we were heading with her. The right hand image of her still crack's me up, she doesn't appear to have any torso area, just a head, chest and to stumpy legs! To say that Nurse is slighty different to the yet unborn Flossie is an understatement!Special mention must also go to Niel's awesomely feeble attempt at getting into Uncle George Lucas' good books with his Darth illo....'Rufus.....I am your farmer!'

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