Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ITB: Episode II: The Rufi Strike Back

This next lot concentrate on designing Rufus. These were all done by Niel apart from the crappy one of Rufus looking angry! Again, like yesterdays blog, you can see how Rufus is starting to take shape. I've just noticed that Niel gave Rufus an earring on a few of his sketches, very cool but we must have dropped this as well to make him appear more younger.

The full length body sketches are pretty funny. Niel, being the perfectionist that he is, started by making Rufus more 'human' size. In practice this is great, but for a three panel strip which will be printed to a very small size, it could have caused problems. A lot of the secondry characters are animals which talk and are naturally smaller in height than your average geezer so we had to squash Ruf down to fit him into the frame (and also have room for the text bubbles)

I keep seeing my handwriting all over the place with the words 'my farm' this was a lame attempt to have the Farm actually called 'Myfarm' so we could crow bar the 'hilarious' joke into the strip.....I still don't get it!

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