Thursday, June 29, 2006

ITB: Episode III: Return of the Farmer

Here's Niels last early Rufus design (that I can find anyway!) At this point we'd pretty much got Rufus nailed, as I mentioned yesterday, we still had to compress him a bit and make him a tad more cartoony but all the core ingredients are here!

I've got a couple of piggy images on here as well, I've got a feeling that the one on the left of Rufus was actually used in the first handful of strips.

This next set is of some basic Rufus poses. I'm not sure who the middle top face is meant to be, but whoever he is, he's got a cracking ear....IT'S GINORMOUS! I also love Niel's version of Wallace (top left)....ooohhh I really fancy a nice bit of cheese lad!

Here's some more Tom design's that I was playing around with. We really liked the idea of what Tom's hair would be like under his seemingly nailed on hat. As the whole theme of the Farm is madness, I like the idea of some type of insane hair that couldn't possibly fit inside the hat but once revealed, would spring out and have a sort of 'rooster' quaility. I seem to remember that we did a small handful of strips with Tom minus his hat but we eventually toned down his hair. As the ol'saying goes....Hair today.....gone tommorrow! (Thanks to Mr Bling for inspiring me to fill this blog with as many crap jokes as possible! This sheet also has the very first drawing of Rufus' Russian hat, which like tanks, I'm obsessed with! RUSSIAN HATS RULE!

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