Thursday, March 15, 2007

Title sequence

We had a meeting a couple of weeks ago, myself, Gordon and Clive Tonge. Clive is going to be supplying musical wonderment to our little trailer, he has already come up with a potential title piece. As well as being a musical sort Clive is an award winning animation director in his own right.

It was a really good meeting and we threw around lots of ideas, we focused on our musical influences that we wanted to capture.

I spent a hour one night fueled with inspiration (or red wine) and jotted down these proposed lyrics for the title sequence:

Rufus was a lonely boy
Without a proper home
One night a scary cosmic storm
Caused his little bed to roam

It took him far far far away
To a strange and funny farm
Where animals can walk and talk
And dinosaurs are calm

Tom and Bernie love him so
Like he was their very own
But Flossie doesn't like this much
It makes her plot and moan

His best friends now a two rabbits
Dalton and Cool Bob
He learns at school with Dr Odd
Which is not an easy job

Madeline and Moonstar
Round off our friendly band
But Auntie and her evil schemes
Are always close at hand

Welcome to Geddon Farm
It's a crazy land of mud
You wouldn't want to ever leave
Even if you could!

It will need some work and is probably too long right now but the process getting here has been a lot of fun so far. We are having another story meeting on Monday and we will be starting to storyboard next week too.

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Gordon Fraser said...

Ya calenders out of date Sir!!!