Friday, March 16, 2007

The Farm on the hill

Remember the farmhouse we were building? Well it's grown a hill now.

It's based in no small part on a local landmark called Roseberry Topping which has a very distinctive sharks fin shape. This is the highest point locally and can be seen from alomst anywhere in the area. It's also where I proposed to my wife so it's a special place as well as being a distinctive shape. I'm hoping we can all go over there for a field trip some time soon, with sandwiches and everything!

We've also been doing some work on the farmhouse interior. Like all good shows it's a lot bigger on the inside! The doors and windows are in roughly the same place as the outside but we've been creative with the rest of the dimentions. The lighting hits us hard on the render times but we think we have a cunning plan to make this workable.


Gordon Fraser said...

Love the farmhouse test dudes!!

Interior shot is very dark (might be me monitor) Had a gander of it in photoshop....REALLY NICE!! Might be a tad too realistic though?....I will discuss on Monday!!

Niel Bushnell said...

Yes, its dark and too real at the mo. We've removed every second wooden beam from the ceiling which has lightened it up a lot already

Gordon Fraser said...

Won't the roof cave in though with the missing beams.....did Tom get planning permission to do this?.....I DOUBT IT SIR....WE SHALL SEE YOU IN COURT!

Jo Bling said...

It's all coming along rather splendidly sirs. Looks smashing! And Roseberry Topping immortalised in animation... what next? The Transporter Bridge coming to life???

dragonhead said...

ooo! Hey, found this via Jobling's links. Will keep an eye on this blog as I love to see how shows are made.