Monday, March 26, 2007

Over the edge!

Gordon came over last week for a catch-up and a story meeting. He loved what we had done with the farmhouse on the hill. Then he said "wouldn't it be cool if it was almost falling off!" Everyone liked the concept so we went to work on a revised version which tiltled the house almost over the edge.

The theory is that the house was built at least 100 years ago when the hill top was probably much bigger and safer. Since then the cliff edge has eroded away making the hilltop much more of a dangerous place to be. Rather than move house Tom and his family have used wooden props to support the Farms receeding base.


Gordon Fraser said...

SWEET! Nice work Sirs (Ged-a-mier I presume?) Nice to see a naked Tom driving the Tank......only real men drive their tanks in the nip!

Whats sat on the tyre? Is it a duck or something? Thinking that maybe the house could be a tad stretched higher? I'll photoshop what I mean and send you it later.....(Done 23 of me 120....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOING INSANE!)

Niel Bushnell said...

Ged put a duck-billed platipus in the tyre... you'll have to ask him why, I darn't!