Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mistletoe and Wine

This is another oldie I've dug out of the murky depths of history. It's a christmas card I did for my wife (she's the red headed doll in the tartan dress) and features Cool Bob and Dalton. It's a bit out of character though as I don't think that Cool Bob would really look that evil, he's just too cool for that!

Why Santa would have a cow dressed up as a reindeer is beyond me but I suppose it all adds to the overall flavour of the Farm. I always planned on doing a run of jokes at the christmas period where the rabbits would take Santa hostage but we never got to do it in the end. We did do a little set based on The Night Before Christmas which Niel warped into Santa owning a jet powered sleigh, pretty funny if I remember correctly!

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