Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Early Days

Here's one of the introduction panels we did for Mad Tom's Farm (when it was called The Funny Farm). We did five or six of these just to get the reader introduced to the basic idea of the Farm and what it was all about really. This was a luxury that we're finding we can't fit into the pilot script for the animation. We've played with the idea of having the whole pilot as an 'origins' story showing how Rufus gets to the Farm and his intial shock at meeting talking animals and mad farmers but it felt to crow barred in.

Our latest idea is to have the title sequence as the intro with a sort of Wizard of Oz parady where Rufus gets ripped from the real world by a hurricane and literally lands in the Farm (maybe squashing Auntie on his arrival) all to the sounds of a crazy theme tune!

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