Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Character Profile - Rufus

Rufus is our 'everyman', the person whose eyes we see the bizarre world of the farm through.

Rufus is named after the character in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We both really liked the name, although the characters are very different. Rufus in 'Bill & Ted' is the Zen-like wise old man figure, our Rufus is a bumbling bag of nerves and inhibition!. We later found out that it was Latin for 'red-haired one' which we though fitted very well. (We've always seen him as probably being ginger, but he's a bit more blonde on the concept art!)

Rufus started life as a travelling backpacker who stumbles onto the farm and becomes Tom's Farm hand until he can find his way home. For the animated series we've felt some pressure to make him younger. The only problem with making him younger is how he then finds the farm. We have a couple of options with this which we are working through at the moment. Rufus would desperately like to return to his boring, safe, normal world before the Farm, but no matter how hard he tries he just ends up right back where he started.

Rufus has an Auntie living nearby - she is the sort of woman you don't really want to meet! She routinly tries to get Rufus to stay with her; she has her own diabolical reasons for wanting him!

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