Friday, August 11, 2006

Lorie - the rabbit that never was

During our tenure with Nelvana we had a conference call with an American writer whose name escapes me. She had a very good pedigree having worked on numerous animated shows as well as one or two live action comedies like The Cosby Show. During our discussions she suggested introducing a female rabbit called Lorie. To be honest neither Gordon nor I saw much mileage in the idea, but that’s just our opinion. Anyway, I did the quick sketch below to explore the possibilities. She’s a bit mumsy and not very exciting, probably because we weren’t set on fire by the concept. Just thought I'd share this with you, it’s a long time ago now and Lorie doesn't feature in our plans now. Onward and upwards eh!
Also worth mentioning, in a blatent attempt to get the number of comments up, its my birthday on Sunday! 23 already! Let the jokes commence.

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