Monday, August 21, 2006

Character Profile - Madeline Odd

Madeline is a relatively new addition to the series; she never featured in the original comic strips. As we started to develop the show we quickly realised we needed a new human female character that could interact with Rufus. We toyed with using Flossie but realised that this would mean changing her character quite a lot. So Madeline was born. We took two existing characters from the comic strip, Dr Donald Odd and Madam Madd, and made them into a married couple. As Donald Odd is a Victorian-esq man of science and Madam Madd is a crazy mystic type we thought the clashes of culture would make for an interesting dynamic.
Madeline is basically a mix of her parents which makes her one of the most rounded characters; she has less of the extremes of her parents. She is intelligent, confident and usually knows the best outcome to a situation. She will not force her views on others which can sometimes mean her opinion is not always heard.

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