Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In The Mix

We've both tried to think of the influences on us when we came up with the main concepts for Mad Tom's Farm. Here are the results, (inspired by SFX magazines charts), although Gordon protests loudly about the Darling Buds of May!
The biggest two influences were Calvin & Hobbes and Garfield, not surprising considering it was a newspaper comic strip first and foremost. We were both big comic fans anyway, reading mostly UK comics like 2000AD. I'm still a fan of black & white artwork, there is a simple honesty to the the work that is lost is photoshop coloured comics.
The other infulences were from some of the shows we both enjoyed at the time, namely comedy and sci-fi! The Farm has a bit of each of these shows as well a being peppered with my other influences along the way that have either been unconcious or forgotton with time!

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