Friday, July 14, 2006

Ciaranator 9000 - Glazy Strikes Back

That mischevious modeller Andrew Glazebrook has been at it again! He's taken one of the concept drawings from here and built it as a 3D model. Thanks Glazy, we think it looks great! Andrew has this posted on his blog:
Here's a quick 3D model I made based on Niel Bushnell's concept that he posted over on his Mad Tom's Farm blog. The model took around 75 mins but the render took 3 hours at 1024 x 768 in Vue, I did have it on the superior setting though. I've worked with Ciaran who this fridge is named after, and it bares little resemblance to him...for one thing Ciaran has a beard.

Gerard is building this here too - he started it a few weeks ago but we had to put him onto another project pretty quickly. His model has a few more details on it as I'd given him a lot of reference pictures that Glazy hasn't seen, including these:

When Ged is free to complete the fridge I'll post the results here.

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