Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Big Breakfast

Hello there me dearies! Many apologies for my utter lack of posts, I could bore you with tales of having to take a certain Ring on a dangerous journey to the land of Morder, where I should cast it into the mouth of Mount Doom to save all of the North East of England....but I'd be lying. Truth is I've had a shed load of freelance work on which I'd started before our trip to fair Annecy and have just about finished as I type!

No matter though as the crew at Qurios Towers have been beavering away like a ...erm...pack of beavers doing some sterling work on the Farm and its characters! Well done you lot!

Here's something that I finally managed to finish...the character was done many a moon back and at last he's been placed in all his glory where he belongs....ON A BOX OF THE FABLED CEREAL 'NUK'EMS'!

Niel and and I did a couple of the newspaper strips where the gang were sat at the breakfast table and for some reason I did boxes of Nuk'Em cereal. Of course, it was all Black and White in those days (they hadn't invented colour yet), I seem to remember having a tiny character of me on the box instead of our new full colour hero, Captain Nuke.

I was heavily influenced by the works of genius of a certain Mr Dunn who's cereal boxes where a definate 'inspiration' for me. I love the way he managed to get the 'yellowy' retro look. Anyway, this box is for you Mr D! Stand up Sir and take a bow!.....(Don't sue me.....)

Who knows.....I may post something new in another year or so!


Niel Bushnell said...

Falls off chair!

Staggers back to the desk!

Shakes head!

Clears throat!

Big deep breath!


The Jury is still out me thinks!

rubber-chicken said...

all i have to say is 'flavoured puffs'!! :) had me in stiches

Niel Bushnell said...

I want to see the ingredients list on the side!

paulhd said...

Hi, just stopped lurking enough to say I'm really liking all the sneak peaks. If you like cool cereal have a look here (it's nothing to do with me, I'm not a spambot, honest!)

dragonhead said...

How can a cereal with "You can never have enough sugar" on it Not be good!