Thursday, June 28, 2007

Annecy pictures

Here are Gordon's pictures from Annecy! Hell, we're not going to win any awards from photography but we had fun. This first picture is the view from the front of our hotel looking over the lake. Unfortunately our room looked out onto the steep hillside at the back of the hotel. Curtis swears he saw a deer at his window but we have our doubts.

We really enjoyed Curtis' Frankenstein's Cat stand, there was a lot of activity going on around it and it seemed to be getting a lot of positive nods from passers by. The only other stand that really caught our attention was Uli Meyers.

We had a fun afternoon at Dreamworks picnic, thanks to Shelly Page. We made some new friends and I bumped into one or two old mates from long ago!

As part of my Great North Run training I went for a 30 minute run by the side of the lake, it was a lot harder than I expected due to the higher temperatures. Gordon was waiting to snap me on my return up the VERY steep hill to our hotel! Thanks a lot! I can return the favour by showing you this lovely picture of Gordon relaxing on our flight home - he has a thing about the great silver birds of the sky and wonders why they don't flap their wings. I think he's been watching too much of Bill Shatner in the Twilight Zone!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Is that pic of you and Gordon some kind of forced perspective trick or is Gordon a Hobbit ?
You can never have enough pics of Curtis in shorts !

Niel Bushnell said...

That pic is two stiched together - look at the wooden edge behind our hands, you can see how much it curves etc. (But he is part hobbit!)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Oh yeah !! Did you have to smuggle him in though, he has that international hit man/terrorist look about him.Not so much the Jackal, more like the Gerbil !!

Jo Bling said...

For more hot pix of short fat men in European shorts, visit:

natural attrill said...

Great pic Goth!!