Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The outside world - full of green stuff

I managed to get some time away over the weekend and spent a very sunny day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Right now it has some fantastic work by the very talented Andy Goldsworthy and is very much worth a visit. It made me realise just how rich and textured the British landscape is. I would love to capture some of this essence but without grinding our 3D scenes to a standstill. I think what I'm talking about is those Summer afternoons of endless possibilities, that feeling we had as kids where you were free to explore, sit by a stream, think, explore or just throw stones into a river. Calvin & Hobbes captured this feeling perfectly, as does My Neighbor Totoro. Thats what I'd really like to capture on screen. No small order!
Hope you enjoy the pictures, if you like the outside world take a look at Gretel Parkers blog, it's a magical place which often is full of lovely pictures of the countryside, (don't let the skip full of books convince you otherwise!)


Il grande chef said...

Very interesting blog!
Bye bye

natural attrill said...

Yorkshire sculpture park is great isnt it, we are planning a visit soon, I love Andy Goldsworthy's work, and hear from other friends that it's an interesting exhibition.

Niel Bushnell said...

Mr Goldsworthy is a bit clver isn't he! Definatly worth a visit to YSP to see his stuff.

PG said...

Golly, I was just admiring the videos and thinking how charming and clever it was then I saw this - I think skip pictures are beautiful don't you? ;)

Andy Goldsworthy, what a man, I would love to see his work for real.