Friday, November 17, 2006

The Termite-nator

The Termite-nator was one of Gordon's ideas and is obvioulsy inspired by everyones favourite Terminator. we enjoyed playing with the squadron of flys and their attempts to overthrow mankind. We returned to this theme later in the strip.

As I'm posting these strips I'm doing quite a bit of restoration work on them. The orginal artwork was done on A3 sheets - 2 strips to a page. We've scanned in all the original strips into the computer, (apart from a few that have mysteriously disapeared), and I'm in the process of doing some tweaks to lettering, tone and general clean-up. Some take no time at all, others need a bit more TLC. I'll dedicate another post soon to a more in depth look at what I'm doing to the original artwork and what has changed. In the meantime enjoy todays strip. And remember you can get this in your email by subscribing here!

Here are a couple of earlier Termite-nator strips for completion.

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